Arctic (2019): Movie Review

If I crash land in the arctic circle, I know I’m not getting out alive.  In Arctic, Mads Mikkelsen goes from stranded pilot to one-man rescue team when his recovery helicopter crash lands.  Trudging through days’ worth of inhospitable country, this survival mission is felt in the mostly silent performances from Mikkelsen’s gradually more desperate, physically brutal performance; it’s the first great role of 2019.  His clear headedness drains until a climactic face off between man and nature. Trapped in a cavern after dropping through a hole, Mikkelsen expends adrenaline fueled action here energy in the most life-and-death realistic manner.  Foolish mistakes, ignorance of his own well-being, his commitment to the near stranger under his protection, you see every ounce of life pouring from Mikkelsen’s last ditch effort. If you liked 127 Hours, you’ll feel even more anticipation as an endless expanse leaves little hope but for a determined man attempting to do some good.  Realistic, tense and gripping, we are offered a strong film to start the year.


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