Best Picture (Comedy/Musical) 2015


The comedies the Academy picked this year aren’t quite what I chose for my top ones (in fact, spoiler alert, neither of them broke my top 25).  Here’s what did!

My nominees are:

Best Picture, Comedy/Musical
The Diary of a Teenage Girl
This debutG from writer/director Marielle Heller was not only a brazen, darkly comic examination of a troubled teen with fantastic performances, but it also elevated the original work.  Beautifully designed and with ample staying power, Diary was hard to watch in an internalized hatred of those stupid teen years.  
Inside Out
The accuracy with which they pegged the developing mind and the humor and heart intertwined made this one of the most memorable movies of the year.  Some of the best work Pixar has done, and that’s saying something.  The voice cast is very likely their strongest, particularly Phyllis Smith as sadness.  Altogether a brilliant movie!  
Sleeping with Other Peole

This movie left me quoting it for days afterward.  The main actors and supporting cast were spot on with their humor and surprisingly effecting in dramatic delivery.  All stretched with film best performances from leads Alison Brie and Jason Sudekis.

Paul Feig does it again with Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne.  Continuously watchable, the movie keeps its humor hearty in repeat watching.  Have friends over and have them watch this underappreciated comedy.  Feig lets his ladies run fast and loose, and the back and forth with McCarthy and Byrne is the best bickering of the year.
If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s on Netflix.  Stop reading and go.  This is what can be done with special iPhone attachments and a lot of talent.  Mya Taylor is an outstanding breakout, and Kitana Kiki Rodriguez is a fireball ready to burn down the block.
Runners Up 


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