Best Picture (Drama) 2015


Some of you will love this, particularly if you love lists.  Some of you will hate this if you’re a stickler for rules, but I LOVE LISTS!  Various lists to celebrate various achievements!  I opened my blog with My Superlatives last year, and we’re going to continue in this manner, as I’ve done since Spiderman 2 was new.

The Oscars and I could barely agree here!

My nominees are:

Best Picture, Drama
Everyone should already know where I stand with this one.  If not, you haven’t met me.  Todd Haynes pulls out another masterpiece with Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara presenting the most quietly passionate performances in recent film work.  
45 Years
Director and writer Andrew Haigh returns with another outstanding, personal, sexual tale of a relationship in flux.  Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay astound, with the former delivering powerhouse impact.  A handsome picture deserving of praise.  
Mad Max: Fury Road

I still have not seen any of the other Mad Max movies, but do I really need to?  This action packed desert sojourn provides constant action, impeccable design, hearty performances, and admirable message to create the best action film in years.  Hard to believe this is the same director as Happy Feet

This film somehow creates as much anxiety and tension as Mad Max: Fury Road but without a single explosion.  Tom McCarthy outdid himself with script and directing, and the ensemble cast is pure perfection!
Steve Jobs
Aaron Sorkin’s three act play of Steve Jobs major launches was well received but poorly attended, likely thanks to the abysmal Ashton Kutcher predecessor.  This Danny Boyle flick contains remarkable work from Michael Fassbender, disappearing with ample nuance into the troubled man, and Kate Winslet, playing the lesser known coworker dealing with his bullshit.  The script is tense and moves at that breakneck Sorkin pace we (read, I) all love.
Runners Up 


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