Captain Marvel (2019)

SPOILER FREE CAPTAIN MARVEL NOTES: Not to go with the easy leading, by Captain Marvel was MARVELOUS. Not the best-of-the-best Marvel movies, but it was exactly what I needed. Between the admiration for the late Stan Lee through the timeless lessons of women not needing permission from men and always question unfailing allegiance. Brie Larson is equal parts lovable thrill seeker, devoted soldier, and eventually glowing badass; a perfect version of The Marvelous Ms Marvel! Samuel L Jackson is pure delight as the young Nick Fury; he manages an origin story, makes friends with a cat, and shows why he became the hero without superpowers that he is.

AND LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT CAT! Super adorable and well used character, and the zero-G scenes are priceless. Also, I wasn’t expecting Annette Bening to be so useful as Carol Danvers’ earthbound scientist from her pre-Kree life. She boogies at one point, and my life gained purpose again


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