Seattle Movie Week Ahead: 9/2 through 9/8

Upcoming Movies Week 9/2 through 9/8 This week I’ll actually post this one.  A few interesting movies coming out, particularly The Light Between Oceans and SIFF reviewed Complete Unknown.  Let us prepare for the slough of movies about to hit: 1. The Light Between… Continue Reading

Seattle Movie Week Ahead: 8/5 through 8/11

Upcoming Movies Week 8/5 through 8/11 A bizarrely small amount of films opening this week, probably because Suicide Squad is opening EVERYWHERE.  Fortunately, The Innocents and Train to Busan are still hanging around SIFF Uptown, and you can still catch Captain Fantastic a few places… Continue Reading

Seattle Movie Week Ahead: 7/22 through 7/28

Upcoming Movies Week 7/22 through 7/28 The vitriol spat at the humorous, mildly subversive Ghostbusters, including the racist remarks about star Leslie Jones, was unnecessary and disgusting.  In the glow of the terrors brewing at the RNC, our futures are looking a… Continue Reading

Seattle International Film Festival: Movie Week Ahead – 5/27 through 6/2

Upcoming Movies Week 5/27 through 6/2 This has been quite an adventurous week of sitting quietly in the dark.  Week 1 of the Seattle International Film Festival was a 7-for-7 day movie watching experience, oddly enough highlighted by movies outside… Continue Reading