Dramatic Acting Honors

I cried! I yearned! I screamed!  But that was mostly because of stale popcorn.  The below performances wowed me.  Some were vibrant and inspiring, while others were depressing and you just felt bad for the poor people.  However you look at it, the acting was phenomenal.

My nominees are:

The Gentlemen

Best Actor in a Leading Role, Drama 
Jake Gyllenhaal – Nightcrawler (“Lou Bloom”)
Lou Bloom is scary.  jakenightcrawler
David Oyelowo – Selma (“Martin Luther King, Jr.”)
Playing a civil rights giant as one of your first starring roles had to have been nerve wracking.  Oyelowo handles it swimmingly.  Selma-David-Oyelowo
Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything (“Stephen Hawking”)
He looks and sounds like the astrophysicist through all of his declines, but a generally good performance dictates the praise. eddietheory
Timothy Spall – Mr. Turner (“J.M.W. Turner”)
Finally given a proper starring roll, Spall speaks volumes with his gruff groans and mumbles than most do with a monologue for the ages. Timothy-Spall-as-Mr-Turner
Channing Tatum – Foxcatcher (“Mark Schultz”)
Will people ever start taking Tatum seriously?  Sure, he’s known as an action star, and he still plays the dumb meatheads wonderfully.  But even when playing a male stripper, his performances (and ass) are better than the assets of many other actors.  And yes, he looks like a jock, but does that discount all jock roles?  Playing stupid doesn’t mean bad acting.  And when you aren’t playing stupid and the acting is great, where is the praise.  I will give it to him here! tatumfox
Runner Up 
 jackstarred Jack O’Connell – Starred Up (“Eric Love”)Oscar Issac – A Most Violent Year

Miles Teller – Whiplash



The Leading Ladies

My nominees are:

Best Actress in a Leading Role, Drama
Marion Cotillard – Two Days, One Night (“Sandra”)
Essie Davis – The Babadook (“Amelia”)
Mothers are nothing to be messed with! essiebaba
Anne Dorval – Mommy (“Diane ‘Die’ Despres”)
Poor Mommy annemommy
Julianne Moore – Still Alice (“Alice Howland”)
 Portraying Alzheimer’s is difficult.  Julianne does it with her usual J.Moore magic. juliannestillalice
Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl (“Amy Dunne”)
Scary sexy pikegone


Runner Up 
 FOX_3558.psd Reese Witherspoon – Wild (“Cheryl Strayed”)


Give the Ladies a Hand

My nominees are:

Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Drama 
Patricia Arquette – Boyhood (“Mom”)
Jessica Chastain – A Most Violent Year (“Anna Morales”)
Carrie Coon – Gone Girl (“Margo Dunne”)
Agata Kulesza – Ida (“Wanda”)
Rene Russo – Nightcrawler (“Nina Romina”)
Tilda Swinton – Snowpiercer (“Mason”)


The Supporting Mens

My nominees are:

Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Drama 
Riz Ahmed – Nightcrawler (“Rick”)
Steve Carrell – Foxcatcher (“John du Pont”)
Ethan Hawke – Boyhood (“Dad”)
Mark Ruffalo – Foxcatcher (“David Schultz”)
J.K. Simmons – Whiplash (“Fletcher”)



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