Emmy Nominations 2018


As I turn on the Emmy nominated series The Looming Tower only to ignore it, the nominations remind me of how little television I appear to watch.  I’ve been missing out on the Versace miniseries, never got into Game of Thrones, and gave up on The Americans after season one. People may think I’m odd for watching so many movies, but at least most of them are over in two hours!


For some of my favorite television of the year, The Crown and The Handmaid’s Tale were big hits.  The inclusion of Vanessa Kirby, Matt Smith and Yvonne Strahovski celebrated some very deserving actors.  Kenan Thompson finally got an acting nomination after his essential 14 years on Saturday Night Live, as did the consistently funny lady Aidy Bryant.  Bill Hader (as actor, writer, and director) was nominated for Barry. Along with Henry Winkler, the show is a dark parody of hypermasculinity about a hitman trying to retire and be an actor.  Anthony Carrigan as Chechen mobster NoHo deserved some love, but the duo noted got their just do’s. A win for both is not unexpected.

[Bill Hader’s only Emmy is for producing South Park in their animated series win]

Amazon Prime’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was my favorite of the year.  I’ve already watched it twice, and it’s about to go into obsessive rotation.  Rachel Brosnahan flew through Amy Sherman-Palladino’s (Gilmore Girls) breakneck dialogue.  Sharp, a tad historic, and with the nominated masterpieces that were also Tony Shaloub, Alex Bornstein, and Jane Lynch bringing the goods.  Ted Danson and Maya Rudolph were marvelous in The Good Place, and I wish they could get some writing credits along the way (or D’Arcy Carden as Janet at least).  I’m disappointed I haven’t kept up with Black Mirror, but much like The Handmaid’s Tale, we can only handle in spurts. Jesse Plemons in USS Callister and Leticia Wright in Black Museum proved the favored role, possibly following their scene stealing in Game Night and Black Panther.  


Congratulations to Sandra Oh; the BBC America show Killing Eve has surfaced streaming yet.  Da fuck with William H Macy in Shameless and never Emmy Rossum. There was no televised animosity toward Allison Janney with her 14th nomination (7 of those she has won!).  Lead actress limited/movie gave uber-nominee Edie Falco (also her 14th nomination with only a measly four wins). In a category where I’ve missed all involved shows, some favorites in Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story), Regina King (Seven Seconds), and Michelle Dockery in the intriguing Godless (also with Merritt Wever, nominated former winner, and on Netflix).  I haven’t a clue how I haven’t watched Laura Dern in Sundance hit The Tale, but that’s burning a hole in my must watch list. The Sinner, starring Jessica Biel, popped up on Netflix, but unless someone can HIGHLY recommend it, I’m never gonna see it…


Cap off the nominations with the ever excellent Lily Tomlin in Grace and Frankie and Brian Tyree Henry (aka Paper Boi) and Zazie Beetz (loved her as Domino!) in Atlanta nabbed nominations in the show’s second season.  Though I’m not caught up, their season one’s were vibrant among better known co-stars. I will always love Megan Mullally and Molly Shannon in Will & Grace, best Sean Hayes was MVP this season. Westworld’s second season bounced between brilliant episodes to filler plot jumping, but Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton are always amazing.  “Kiksuya” certainly deserved writing credits, and the highlight guest actors Zahn McClarnon and Oscar nominee Rinko Kikuchi were skipped as was Katja Herbers, the Man in Black’s daughter.


Donald Glover could win in writing, directing or acting in Atlanta, but he better win for hosting Saturday Night Live.  Spot on humor, plus debuting This is America (and honestly for unleashing that amazing video in unison) was one of my favorite episodes of the year.  My favorite, though, must go to Bob’s Burger’s nominated episode “V for Valentine-detta” with laughs that still leave me doubled over. (Kristen Schaal was robbed in voice acting as Louise!!!).  Now let’s see who wins on September 17. Hopefully Mad Pub will show it. Tends to be when I thrive socially: AWARDS SEASONS!


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