Food for your Oscar Party

I’ll be doing my fourth annual Oscar party at the Motif Hotel’s Frolik Bar, and if you need a party to crash or care to see how I can lose my mind (a Glenn Close win will make me likely scream), please join the festivities. If you’re playing the home game, please see my Martha Stewart (with a vengeance) suggestions for properly honoring the nominees.


These sandwiches and a bottled coke for how soothing and homey Roma felt, even in the chaos:

The Favourite

Blue cake: the squishier and messier, the better. The glamorous grotesquery is the point:


Lay out some true white American cheese and a healthy selection of wine, cuz we need fat and booze to balance the upsetting modernity of the film

Black Panther

This Marvel phenomenon had some stellar moments, but few moments quite beat the introduction to Umbaku in the Jupabri throan room. Honor a vegetarian diet with vegetable people and dips to celebrate the not-cannibalism scene


Drop a box of donuts on the table, something found in a commissary or gas station, or wings from a 7-11 to showcase that good old American destructive nature.

A Star is Born

Twinkies covered in ice cream: An American icon that is saved and redone over generations that needs coated in something more delicious to realize how done we need to be with this same story.

Green Book

A bucket of fried chicken, of course.  The repeated joke reminds of the outdated race dynamics and predictability of the white man manages to like a black man he’s working for story. Viggo being nominated for lead and Mahershala in supporting is as much absurdity as a working class white man being better than the black person at being black. It’s dated and unimpressive, possibly harmful, just like a KFC buck from 30-years-ago.

Bohemian Rhapsody

Take a crap on the table and put fake teeth in it. Maybe insult a gay man while you do it.

A little spicy for you? Just wait to see what wins to get all the beefs I have with the Academy. Either way, see you on Sunday for movies’ biggest night.


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