Gloria (2013): Remake Pending

Sebastián Lelio is remaking his breakout hit Gloria, Chile’s 2013 submission for Oscar consideration; it missed the prize before A Fantastic Woman took it last year.  Gloria Bell opens from A24 in March with Julianne Moore as the titular woman reborn, but she has hefty footprints to catch with the wiley, unrelenting matriarch Paulina García captures.  Singing in the car, visiting and arguing with family, her impeccable control of each scene drives a series of unfortunate events for Gloria’s unending ambition.

Lelio finds ways to explore vulnerability as a strength in his muses. Like Daniela Vega’s relentless performance in A Fantastic Woman, Paulina Garcia encounters jealousy, cowardice, bad decisions, and moral high grounds; capturing the spontaneity in life fueled by experience and indignation. Faced with patterns in a partners behavior, she states a firm “NO” across her path; her decisions’ have the rare quality of being firm decisiveness in a woman. Just wait for the paintball scene; mother no more: Gloria is about reclaiming youth no matter your age. Moore is gonna need to give it her all to warrant photocopying a marvelous work.


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