How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)

A messy beginning didn’t keep How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World from formulating a pleasing conclusion for besties Hiccup and Toothless. Now chief of Berk, his dragon utopia has become part poacher target, part crowded mini-metropolis with insurance liabilities sneezing inferno into the neighborhood.  Facing the ultimate Night Fury slayer, Hiccup seeks his father’s legendary Hidden World to return the dragons to their safe homeland.

The visuals are quite enthralling, but 3D isn’t necessary.  The coloring of the Hidden World is vibrant and complimentary to the pallet of the Berkian world.  The villain packs less impact than the previous two; the purpose leans more toward securing future for the incompatible dragon-human togetherness, as humans wrecks everything, to paraphrase from the film.  Love means eventually there will be loss, but the possibility of loss doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love at all. Loss doesn’t mean unhappiness, just that things change, and that little nudge of reality is good for kids mature enough to see dragons nearly melt the good guys with acid breath.

It takes too long to find where it’s going, and I can’t recommend it if you didn’t love the first two; but if you have a soft place for the Maine Coon dragon that is Toothless and have affectionate concern for the clumsy Viking King Hiccup, see where your favorite skyriding duo since Aladdin and the Magic Carpet end their journey.  If anything, the mating dances when Toothless gets horny is worth the watch alone.


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