Long Day’s Journey into Night (2019)

Trying to consider the glorious presentation that is Bi Gan’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night—not the Eugene O’Neill play—during dental work is like living a David Lynch version of Little Shop of Horrors.  The dreamlike quality of its opposing halves creates disjointed recollections of a man searching for a femme fatale from his past skating the edge of her nightclub missteps and an hour long single shot mirroring the first half’s memories in a wonderfully staged 3D journey to form an unattainable reconnection.  Jue Huang turns his journey into a pensive recollection of the passing reality of memory, and Wei Tang forms two halves of his fantasy woman: green gowned fantasy and the disconnected girlfriend who he can save from her limited unhappy mediocrity. An atmospheric lazy-river ride with occasional waterboarding, Long Day’s Journey into Night is a fascinating experience.  You’ll never watch someone eat an apple the same again.


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