Pet Semetary (2019)

If you’re looking for a decent atmospheric horror film with a healthy crop of jump scares and a very tense ending, Pet Semetary is a fun enough movie. If you’re a Stephen King purist, stay far away. The swap to the older sibling presented the chance to turn the anti-infanticide arc into a more menacing feature: an actual force for change rather than just destruction.

Jason Isaacs plays a father grieving with all the slow-tear-rolling dramatics, but Amy Seimetz as the mother experiencing her past and present with baffled horror. Reuniting with her daughter with her still living son on the line is one of the better horrified scenes in recent film. I’m just always happy to see John Lithgow in anything; his grizzled old man seems like Harry and the Hendersons should have a sequel where George Henderson decides living with the Sasquatch is how he wants to spend his last years, away from zombie kids with knives. The pay-off was limited for me as a non-horror enthusiast, but if you’re just looking for a good thrill, it hits all the notes to get your blood racing. I’ll use it as a reminder why children, pets and rural living are not for me.


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