SIFF 2016 Review: Indignation

Indignation (2016) dir. James Schamus written by: James Schamus starring: Logan Lerman, Sarah Gadon, Tracy Letts, Linda Emond   3.5 out of 4 stars It pains me to watch a movie adapted from fiction if I have not yet read the source material.… Continue Reading

Seattle International Film Festival: Movie Week Ahead – 5/20 through 5/26

Upcoming Movies Week 5/20 through 5/26 Tonight announces the North American premiere of Woody Allen’s new film Cafe Society, starring Jesse Eisenberg as Woody Allen and a bunch of beautiful ladies tripping over themselves to work with the ethically questionable but continuous surprising/disappointing director… Continue Reading

Adapting Your Story: Indignation, The Sense of an Ending (2016)

Young males are terribly stupid creatures.  So much testosterone and semen and peer pressure create for an incredibly sticky, sweaty few years.  Good novels are celebrated as classics for displaying the angst, erections, and inadvertently life ruining years between sprouting… Continue Reading