Denial, The Nice Guys (2016): Movie Review

Denial (2016) Though timely, with the ever popular theme of rejecting hard facts as bunk to support your fanatical viewpoints, Denial is a slow trek through a news report.  When historian Deborah Lipstadt (Rachel Weisz, elevating as usual) is confronted by… Continue Reading

The Light Between Oceans (2016): Viewed and Reviewed

The Light Between Oceans (2016) dir. Derek Cianfrance written by: Derek Cianfrance     starring: Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander, Rachel Weisz   2.25 out of 4 stars Why is it that I do these things to myself?  I had no interest in reading The… Continue Reading

SIFF 2016 Review: Complete Unknown

Complete Unknown (2016) dir. Joshua Marston written by: Joshua Marston, Julian Sheppard starring: Rachel Weisz, Michael Shannon, Azita Ghanizada, Michael Chernus, Kathy Bates, Danny Glover   3.25 out of 4 stars I was fortunate enough this week to catch two movies starring Rachel Weisz.  The Lobster… Continue Reading

Viewed and Reviewed: The Lobster (2016)

The Lobster (2016) dir. Yorgos Lanthimos written by: Yorgos Lanthimos, Efthymis Filippou starring: Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Olivia Colman, Ben Whishaw, John C. Reilly, Lea Seydoux   4 out of 4 stars When a film is awaited for over a year, anticipation… Continue Reading

Comedy and Musical: The Actors 2015

I’m realizing quickly that my favorite comedies aren’t always what one would find hilarious.  Last year was topped by old age, abortion, suicide, Wes Anderson, and Birdman.  This year, a little on the lighter side, has some fine performances from a wide… Continue Reading

Viewed and Reviewed: Youth (2015)

Youth (2015) dir. Paolo Sorrentino written by: Paolo Sorrentino starring: Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Rachel Weisz, Paul Dano, Jane Fonda 2.5 out of 4 stars Director Paolo Sorrentino’s Fellini ode The Great Beauty won Best Foreign Language Film for 2013.  Sporting the style and spirit… Continue Reading