Viewed and Reviewed: Eddie the Eagle (2016)

 Eddie the Eagle (2016) dir. Dexter Fletcher written by: Sean Macaulay, Simon Kelton starring: Taron Egerton, Hugh Jackman, Jo Hartley, Keith Allen, Tim McInnerny         2.75  out of 4 stars Nothing quite kills my interest like an inspirational hashtag, and the one… Continue Reading

Viewed and Reviewed: Testament of Youth (2015)

Testament of Youth (2015) dir. James Kent written by: Juliette Towhidi starring: Alicia Vikander, Kit Harrington, Taron Egerton, Dominic West, Emily Watson, Joanna Scanlan, Miranda Richardson         3 out of 4 stars For this year, and likely those following, we praise Alicia Vikander.  With a Jessica Chastain/Jennifer… Continue Reading