Jason Bourne (2016): Viewed and Reviewed

Jason Bourne (2016) dir. Paul Greengrass written by: Paul Greengrass, Christopher Rouse starring: Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Vincent Cassel, Julia Stiles      2.75 out of 4 stars Placing nine years between installments pegs limited memorability for series.  When that… Continue Reading

Viewed and Reviewed: Tale of Tales (2016)

 Tale of Tales (2016) dir. Matteo Garrone written by: Edoardo Albinati, Ugo Chiti, Matteo Garrone, Massimo Gaudioso starring: Salma Hayek, Vincent Cassel, Toby Jones, John C. Reilly, Bebe Cave, Shirley Henderson   3.25 out of 4 stars With the release of the Beauty and the… Continue Reading