Top 50 of 2017, Part 2

And my Top 25 of 50 for 2017

  1. The Post

  1. Patti Cake$

  1. Hostiles

  1. Ingrid Goes West

  1. Columbus

  1. Mudbound

  1. The Big Sick

  1. The Breadwinner

  1. Coco

  1. A Quiet Passion

  1. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

  1. God’s Own Country

  1. Good Time

  1. The Salesman

  1. The Square

  1. Faces Places

  1. The Shape of Water

  1. Get Out

  1. The Florida Project

  1. Lady Bird

  1. Phantom Thread

  1. BPM (Beats Per Minute)

  1. A Ghost Story

  1. Blade Runner 2049

  1. Call Me By Your Name

Nomination tally:


Blade Runner 2049


Phantom Thread


The Shape of Water


Dunkirk, Call Me By Your Name, The Florida Project, Mudbound


BPM (Beats Per Minute), Lady Bird, Darkest Hour


Good Time, Get Out, Logan, The Big Sick, mother!, The Lost City of Z, Wonder Woman, Baby Driver 


Maudie, A Quiet Passion, Downsizing, The Salesman, Ingrid Goes West, A Ghost Story, Three Billboard outside Ebbing Missouri, Okja, Frantz, Hostiles, I Tonya, Guardians 2, Wonder, Loving Vincent, Wonderstruck, Personal Shopper, The Beguiled, Columbus, Thor Ragnarok, War of the Planet of the Apes, Free Fire

Top 25 with no NominationsFaces Places, The Square, God’s Own Country, The Post, Patti Cake$, The Breadwinner, Coco

Outside Top 25 with most nominations: Darkest Hour (3)

Repeats from last year:

  • none; completely fresh.  Saoirse Ronan was the last repeat nominee for Brooklyn, Roger Deakins for Sicario,  and Sean Baker for Tangerine (Comedy director win) were nominated in 2015

Best scenes (no particular order)

  • Jon Bernthal & victim (Wind River)
  • In the museum (Wonderstruck)
  • Mixed media conclusion (Wonderstruck)
  • The Three of Them (Blade Runner 2049)
  • The pie (A Ghost Story)
  • First dressing (Phantom Thread)
  • A eulogy (BPM)
  • Shooing the cranes/shooing the predator (The Florida Project)
  • Betty Gabriel crying (Get Out)
  • A fire (Three Billboards)
  • Condom tug-o-war (The Square)
  • Gorilla Man (The Square)
  • Auditions (Lady Bird)
  • End Credits (Call Me By Your Name)
  • Piano variations (Call Me By Your Name)
  • Purse (Baby Driver)
  • Hue Change (Frantz)
  • Train escape (Logan)



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