Tyrel (2018)

Where Sebastián Silva has not perfected the exintricities of American male bonding or race politics, Tyrel stars Jason Mitchell (Mudbound, Straight Outta Compton) as Tyler, the sole black man at a rural birthday getaway in New York.  As much like Get Out as it sounds, it’s a different kind of social anxiety nightmare as the masculinity shows, binge drinking, and casual racism add piles of otherness to Tyler’s discomfort in unfamiliar surroundings. Less obscure than Silva’s earlier films, Tyrel is an ensemble piece blending midlevel stars (Michael Cera, Christopher Abbott, Caleb Landry Jones) with barely contained raucous boy behavior.  Much more focused than the constant drunkenness and wrestling matches would lead you to believe, the weekend shenanigans resolve wonderfully with Ann Dowd’s and Reg E Cathey’s contributions as neighbors who try to center an inebriated escape. It is difficult to handle toxic masculinity and difficult social ease, but Silva found an intriguing way to explore the boundaries tequila just won’t let stay grounded.  You can find Tyrel on Hulu


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