Viewed and Reviewed: Results (2015)

Results (2015)

dir. Andrew Bujalski

written by: Andrew Bujalski

starring: Colbie Smulders, Guy Pearce, Kevin Corrigan

2.5 out of 4 stars

Further following the evolution of Colbie Smulders, we have reached Sundance debut Results, a comedy of those who supplement their limited appeal with fitness and paying for fitness.  Smulders plays Kat, an aggressive, confrontational personal trainer at it too long with the crunchy Trevor, played by Guy Pearce.  Their toned bodies compliment their characters gym lives, and some great bods must have been a perk of joining this indie.  These two jostle over superiority and ownership with a quiet respect until recently rich Danny (Kevin Corrigan) appears to make things weird.


Writer-director Andrew Bujalski follows up the tiny, realistic Computer Chess with more standard fare.  Not that this movie doesn’t have funny parts, but for a larger debut, it lacked the style of his previous ventures.  Possibly gearing up to get wider release, his movie never approaches much substance.

Results Movie

Smulders seems unprepared for the anger filled outbreaks accompanying Kat’s bad decisions.  The character’s much repeated personality flaw is not a strength that Smulder’s can accomplish with this director.  She neither goes broad and tantrumy nor does she manage the control of her voice for understated ire.  To her credit, her physicality and humor are quite on point–very appropriate for a comedy based around personal trainers.


Guy Pearce meets the aspiring fitness guru, granola fed Aussie, but the character falls flat of finding particular humor.  Some of his lines are good, but he’s lacking much substance.  The role comes off cliched, and nothing he does is memorable.  This role tries to challenge his energy, all so loved in Adventures of Priscilla, but the originality and drawl of that film is nonexistent here.


Kevin Corrigan is the shining light.  As a socially awkward, newly rich but lonely man, his role is most apt for traditional comedy, but every stumbling moment of this man astonished he found pants correctly makes the movie worth watching.  The Gotham and Independent Spirit awards nominated the actor for his supporting role.  Corrigan’s typecasting is not too far off from his usual awkward man role, but as the man stuck between very unhappy trainers, his world loses much of his control to hilarious means.  Where Smulders and Pearce provide the sexier physicality, his attempts at exercises, and though brief, his experience jogging with a leashed cat, provide the heartiest, most notable laughs in an often too serious movie.


Still catching up on last year’s Sundance releases, it appears I’ve exhausted much of the quality fare.  Results lacks much of the originality I was hoping for and instead focused on generally unhappy people without keeping the humor.  Andrew Bujalski, taking a stab at a more mainstream audience, loses his usual indie, somewhat experimental feel to make a rather forgettable movie.


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