Weekend Viewing (February 27 – March 1)


This weekend, I am not too thrilled with my new movie options.

Well, actually, I would see Maps to the Stars, because, you know, Julianne Moore is awesome.  I’m really not rushing out, despite it playing at SIFF Uptown.  And ’71 looks great, and with 98% Freshness, I have no doubt that it will be great!  Jack O’Connell is a star in the making.  He can play rough, which is not a role that many young male actors play convincingly.  Starred Up was very good, nearly landing him in my Best Actor in a Drama category, but 2014 was a tough year!  Sadly though, ’71 won’t be in Seattle for a few weeks.  This weekend’s viewing will be Song of the Sea in theaters, and I’m going to attempt to watch a few 2014 leftovers–I’m thinking Foxcatcher.

There are weeks to look forward to though, with Neill Blomkamp’s Chappie on March 6 and both Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella and horror film It Follows on March 13.

itfollows  chappie  cinderella

ALSO, check out my 2015 Preview, with commentary coming this upcoming week


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